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Susan Allen Commentary

After working many years in the financial services industry, I'm convinced that everyone should have a portion or all of their retirement assets protected against loss.

As you get closer to retirement you want to think about conserving your assets and creating income. Gold, mutual funds, stocks and managed money cannot guarantee you an income. Only annuities and social security can give you a guarantee income for life. Think you have to turn your annuity into an income stream and not have any principal left? Many annuities offer an income as a % of your assets and your original investment does not have to be part of the income pay out.  This option is called an income rider and has a fee.


 We've all heard diversify your investments and most of us did this with our investments. So much in stocks, so much in bonds. Except, in 2008 and the great recession it didn't work! My clients who had their retirement assets in a fixed index annuity didn't lose any of their principal or any of their interest. Protection and security should come first.

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